October 27, 2008

Yarn Sh!ts

Like a kid before Christmas I had a hard time sleeping Friday night before SAFF (and not because I was trying to finish Twilight in record speed). It was because Grasshopper (i.e. Noob) had shown up and we were chatting about our trip to North Carolina the following day. So we sat and knit and laughed. She had started on her next sock and I was trying to convince her she needed to have more than one project on the needles so that she could pick and choose on a whim. I was loosing the battle, so we decided it was time for bed.

Grasshopper drove to NC. She gets car sick and I love being chauffeured around. We arrived a little before noon and immediately hit the arena floor. I was on the hunt. I had a list and I was afraid to deviate even a little from it because if that happened I might go hog wild and end up with something way over my head like those fantastic sheep prints this year. There were a few I was tempted to go home with with. (Their definitely on the list for next year...Next year.)

What was on the list? (Arranged by preference from most to least)
1. a sweater stone
2. Soap (for Christmas gifts)
3. 750 yds of worsted weight for a Lady February
4. 725 yds DK weight for a Gilmore Vest
5. 950 yds of lace weight in black for Myrtle Leaf Shawl
6. 875 yds of lace weight for a dresser scarf

These could of course be rearranged by what was available.

I must have pooped about eight times that day out of excitement. (Sorry if that was TMI. Feel free to pelt me with yarn.) This year I had money to spend and I was helping out my local vendors as well as the economy, if you know what I mean.

Some Ms. Babs worsted weight in 'Bronze.'

Some burgundy Corriedale sportweight at only $8 for 420 yds.

And lastly, Dragon Lace in 'Holly Berry' by Dragonfly Fibers.

Plus, I got a few extras being a big spender.


Janet Richards said...

SAFF was a blast - it was my first time. :) Looks like you found some great treats :) I especially love the corridale :)

Margo said...

What exactly is a sweater stone?