December 25, 2008

Yarny Christmas!

Because really that's what knitter's should say to each other instead of Merry Christmas. Don't lie to me. You were all thinking What I really want for Christmas is a life time supply of [sock] yarn. Feel free to insert your choice of yarn in the brackets.

As a knitter, I get great joy in giving other knitters really great knitting gifts. Read: gifts=yarn. I enjoy squishing many a hank of yarny goodness and deciding what colors really fit the recipient. Sometimes I'm dead on and other times I am dead wrong. I hope in the case of Grasshopper I was at least somewhere in the middle. I couldn't quite tell by her reaction. Perhaps she is sick of knitting gifts as she has gotten them for all occasions this past year. Nonsense. That's impossible I tell you. I refuse to believe it. Thus, she got more sock yarn.

This picture is entitled: "Screw you light box cronies! The top o' the dryer beats your photography skilz any day."

This picture is entitled: "Ditto. You'll take it up the a$$ and like it!" (My, I'm vehement today. I blame Christmas and for that I am going straight to hell.)

In return Grasshopper, did NOT give me the sock bag from SAFF this year, which I happen to know was for me because she said "Pick out a sock bag for yourself and I'll get it for you for Christmas. " Well, she lied! Instead, gave me a wonderfully squishy LONG bath robe and withheld the fabulous sock bag she got me at SAFF for another time. Apparently I have not impressed upon her enough that knitting gifts are always the perfect gift and can outrank any other fabulously fuzzy warm gift. mmmm...

*I really do love the robe, Grasshopper. It's just funnier if I act all upset about not getting more knitting supplies, because you know-I don't have enough.

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