October 6, 2008


I didn't exactly whip out these two items. They've been in the wings for a while, but there's something comforting about having a blankie to work on a all times. You might even call them security blankets. (Bahdump-ching! You may now groan inwardly.) I still have one more sewing blankie project one waiting on me right now. I won't show you it's currently state-The main reason I love the blankie is also the main reason it's in time out. Argh.

Instead I will show you my labor of loves:

From left to right Rainbowlicious and Hearts and Stars. Could I be a child of the eighties? Oh yeah, Baby. Hang on I need to get some more hairspray for my bangs...

Rainbowlicious is obviously my sewn project, while Hearts and Stars is my knitted one. BTW Ms. Mellor, could you not have come up with a better name other than "Hearts and Stars"? It's a annoying to keep referring to it that way. Not that I would come up with anything better. Oh no. I prolly have just called it My Lovely Purple Heart and Stars Squishy Wonder or some such nonsense, but you. You're a designer. You could have titled it some thing much, MUCH easier to type.

Pattern: Hearts and Stars By Zoe Mellor. (Book)
Yarn: Louet Worsted weight in 'Grape.' Quite possibly on size 7 and 5 needles.
Mods: I added (or was it took away?) a repeat to get a size I liked. I also edited the star pattern to chunk up the spindly legs on the bottom half of the star. Nobody like a top heavy star.
Note: I bought this yarn in like three different batches several months, if not YEARS apart, so that last bit up near the top is slightly off dye lot. I also know that the gauge is a little more than slightly off. Hence, the two needle sizes. And there's my shoe at the top-not included with the original pattern.

This guy is completely out of my own head. I am beyond in love with him. This one is a 'summer' blankie, because there's no padding between the front and the back. It's all just light weight cottons in the front and some fabulously bumpy synthetic fuzz in the back. In a way, the construction reminds me a little of Bargello quilts. So much it took my a good long while to work up the nerve to trim up the sides straight and sew him to the back. I had to go to my mother's house and use her sewing machine for that-for moral support.

Be prepared for many, many more rainbow blankies from me. I am adoring every minute I stare at this one. So worth all the heart ache making that binding. (Don't ask. I don't want to ruin the moment.)


turtlegirl76 said...

That rainbow one is freaking AWESOME! So pretty and vibrant and cheerful! But damn, I know how long that hearts and stars one must have taken. That's one damn worthy baby, eh?

Virtuous said...

Whoa!!!! You were busy!!
That is great handiwork my darling! Just fantastic!

Margo said...

I adore that quilt - particularly how you've used the dots fabric - it's scrummy!