September 12, 2008


Here we have the beginnings of a Tree Jacket (rav link) as of August 28th. My (nameless) gorilla pose was about as creative as I can get to show off the neck of sweater. Really what does one do to help show off WIPs? Because my next photo has got some serious lack of creativity.

Ready for it?


I present the on my bed photo shoot. *Aside: I lurve how my sheet photograph! End aside.* I could have put it on the dryer, but we rearranged the bedroom and the bed had just the smallest amount of natural light and I wanted to try it out.

Just 15 more inches of body and a set of sleeves to go!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the color. I'm sure it'll look great on you. Do you think it will no longer be a WIP come November when your skinny butt will be freezing and ready for this sweater?

Leslie (GH)