September 7, 2008

Reason 101 why I am clever.

After pulling three outfits from the closet and discarding the first for being "meh" while the other two somehow managed to both have spots on them that required washing, I was a little frustrated getting dressed you might say.

So I yanked on a completely unmemorable pair of pants and a top and added some quick touches of sparkly in hopes that no one would notice, well, anything. I was about to dash out the door when I spied my very favorite "create" stitchmarker, from this very talented woman, on the floor which had been flung from my bed Tuesday when I lay unable to retrieve it due to a pulled neck muscle. I was already running late so my only option was to take it with me. I dare not put it into the doomed depths of my purse from which nothing returns or slip it protectively into my change pouch on my wallet because I'd never find it again as I don't carry cash. Instead, I needed a place in obvious sight where it could constantly be seen and I wouldn't forget it. My bracelet seemed to be just the right place, don't you think?

Why yes, that is very tricky of me. Thank you. I can proclaim my mastery of my craft and even carry it with me while not having needles or yarn in sight.

(If you haven't figured it out by now, my mother was excellent in the "you are such a smart child you can do whatever you want" encouragement department. My Dad, on the other hand, helped develop my satirical wit. This post was a joint effort.)

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Janet Richards said...

I'm in awe of your cleverness and wondering why I hadn't thought of that too.