August 27, 2008

Noob's graduation

Enough of my failures, because really I could go on. Let's talk about Noob's successes. Like the fact that she managed to turn this heel over the phone and she knit the entire foot in my absence. She also knit up those toes decreases all by her lonesome. Twice. Okay, so the non-decrease rows between decreases really kinda wigged her out, but she withstood me ripping her first project-not even I'm so mean as to make a newbie rip on their very first sock. However, most importantly, she grafted that toes without any help from her sensei, i.e. me.


Much like the introduction I gave her to the knitting world at SAFF last year, which can be likened to throwing a kid into a pool to teach them how to swim, my approach to *teaching* her to graft went over swimmingly. And I must say that I am rather proud of the results (and that rather horrible pun...hehehe).

Noob endured a taunting husband, "So are you planning on knitting a pair of socks or just one?" Boo, hiss, boo, hiss.

She endured splitting her attention between many a movie her knitting. "Harry Potter, again? Let me get my sock out..." and her dogs, who to my knowledge have never really understood the lure to knit. Unfortunately, knitting and throwing a ball do not coincide. Noob's tried.

She has also withstood the beck and call to hoard more yarn with an iron will. Although, I'm pretty sure that her regime will fade a little at this next SAFF...right next to mine. "Noob, come feel this alpaca!"

I would like to present Noob's graduation to the yellow belt of knitting from henceforth you will be called Grasshopper. (Dude, turtlegirl was taken.)

p.s. Noob-er, Grasshopper has a great husband, but like most people's relationships even he cannot resist a good jab at his spouse once and a while. If you can't tease your spouse, who can you tease?!

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the husband is that he thinks he is getting these socks once they are finished. PHAH, like that will happen. Thanks for the confidence to get it done. You might not be too pleased with the graft once you see it but hey the sock hasn't fallen apart and that is all that matters. :)
GH (Grasshopper)