August 10, 2008

Step away from the ankle weights

spring forward socks...I know it's been a awhile, but dig through the depths of your memories into a time when I actual knit something and then posted about it. I claim to be saving up all my knitting energy for SAFF. Then I will use it in one explosive burst like wonderwoman. You will be awed. Until then, all you get now are partially completed knits and craptacular photos.

I am having weird gauge issues. The sock calls for 66 stitches, which typically fits me pretty well. Usually, I have stick to the needle size the pattern calls for and still have a sock that fits my foot. Not this time. Not with my first STR experience. The leg is knit up on a one (2.5 mm) resulting in a sp@ndex like fit. It's no painful, but it definitely distorts the pretty lace pattern.

So I thought that switching to size 2 (3.0 mm) needles would help give a leetle more for my leg and I would simply reverse the direction of the sock making a comfy fit for my cankles. (argue all you want about that statement. Everybody sees their own body differently and I see cankles. At least it's not dead people.) Thank you Cat Bodhi for explaining a heel is a heel is a heel. My foot is smaller than my leg, so the tourniquet fit of the leg would make a snug fit for my foot. Yes, that puts the reinforcing on the bottom of my heel, but I don't have to rip back so it's something I'm willing to deal with. (Also, I don't wear shoes with heels when I wear handknits. mules all the way ba-bee.)

Flip, flip, flip. I'd put the sock on upsy-daisy. Take off the ribbing and make a toe while continuing in the size two needles for the leg portion

Except, the size 2 needles create a gaping maw instead of a slightly looser fit. This picture is deceiving, because I am yanking up the top half. I should have let it be all sloppy so you could see the sag, but this post is so pitifully late that I dare not add bad photographic evidence of my pale ankleless leg.

Without a 1.5 (2.75 mm) sized needle in my possession all sort of half-witted ideas came to mind. I could make one side of the ankle size two needle and the other size one. I could knit one row with the ones and the other row with the twos. I could knit loosely-hahahahaha!

I've never had so many fits while working up a pair of socks of all things! These socks are in time out. In the mean time I am knitting up something far less complicated. Bless EZ for her love of garter stitch.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Oh wow. sorry you're having such problems! Time out, and maybe order a 1.5 from knit picks. You'll get it right!