July 18, 2008

Green on the Vine

Today's post is all about the vegetables that come from vines--zucchinis, squash and pumpkins.

My coworkers were nice enough the share the spoils of their gardens with me this week. So on Wednesday I went home with a boxful zukes and squash, which is really more than I can eat alone. In order to have some help eating it, it has to be served in such a way as to entice the Hubby to eat his greens. Basically that means I fry it. I've mentioned the Hubby seal of approval on the squash fritters recipe before. Well, they now have the coworker seal of approval too. I took the leftovers into work and the ladies gobbled them down. That is why I have no pictures-they et it all up!

Well, once your start taking food to work, you start getting requests. One of the ladies I work with saw my box of goodies and asked if I would bring in my zucchini bread (well zucchini cake really, but it has a vegetable in it therefore redeeming it's cake-like qualities). I was tickled to death so I made it and brought it in right away. Also, giving me an excuse for not taking any pictures.

But I did take pictures of my flourishing pumpkin plants, which have since doubled in size.

And they were already huge to begin with! (For some reason this picture loads sideways. I can't figure it out. So cope with me here by turning your head to the right.)

Most of the leaves are larger than my hands! I am having some high hopes for canning pumpkins this year. I want to try my hands at something other than pumpkin bread and have another go at developing my own pumpkin cheesecake recipe. (My first pumpkin cheesecake was a little gooey.) I'm sure I'll have plenty of volunteers to help me dispose of any "failed" experiments.

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Sam said...

GAh, you make me homesick...
I heart you...
Make YHC hire the boy so I can come play in your pretty garden and you can teach me to can.