May 25, 2008

Itty-Bitty Insanity

I should be making some thing more constructive. Is that a contradiction, "making something constructive," or an oxymoron? Nevermind. Moving on. Continue onto the pros of knitting up another of this project.

This project lets me abuse my new needle collection.

I use acrylic yarn from my stash for this project. I have better yarn for other better projects. Yarn which breathes and is not made from harsh chemical processes, but those projects don't allow me to buy ribbon in quadruplets. This project does.

Also, this project lets me use the excuses, "This yarn, that I already own, is machine washable and dryable." and "But all I need is a little ribbon, I already have the yarn."

This project is small, portable and useful. Similar to socks, if socks were made with pretty ribbons.

So, I planned to knit this project and I bought ribbon.

I may have been indecisive. I only need four colors. Obviously, I bought five. I am set on three in the middle, from top to bottom: Shear Orange, Stars, and Thin Aqua. What I am not set on is which green. Should I use the Wide Green, which doesn't really match? It's kinda a pretty pale, but is an obviously different size and would add interest that way. Or should I use the Polka Dot Green? Which is uniform in size and texture (blah!), but really adds pizazz in the color and pattern departments!

It's important to state that no matter which green is picked, the color arrangement will stay as you see here, either beginning or ending with a green.


Dani said...

Are you REALLY planning on making only one?
Just sayin'... ;-)

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm diggin' the polka dots.

Virtuous said...

I luv the itty bitty ribbon hats!
Can't wait to see which ribbons you splash in!