February 25, 2008

I want it now!

There is a opened package on my kitchen table. It contains yarn for my Tree Jacket and needles for both Cobblestone and Tree Jacket, but I am not allowed to have it. My birthday is next Saturday, so the Hubby is making me wait. He is so mean.


evilsciencechick said...

that IS mean! when my mom would send my birthday presents early, I would call and ask if it was OK to open it. She'd say "aren't you a grownup? if you want to open it, open it!"

But then you'd have nothing to open on your birthday. So...yeah. That's a tough call.

I recommend knitting socks to take your mind off the box containing the yummy yummy yarn.

Virtuous said...

VERY mean!!!

elizabeth said...

No! It's your birth MONTH! You should get it NOW!

What yarn are you using for your tree jacket?