February 6, 2008

Quilty Pleasures

So in my efforts yesterday to keep my knitting blog centered on knitting, I had to bypass the time I spent with Mom scrapbooking and shopping. Well, sorry folks. I just can't do that. Mom and I had a brilliant time cropping together and afterwards we hit the craft store for more fun. While there I made a little fabric purchase that was knitting inspired.

I have been seeing a ton of gorgeous, knitted log cabin blankies on ravelry and just couldn't take it any more. I had to have my own log cabin blankie in fabric. So, I raided the calico* section and came up with this:

I have high hopes of quilting these into a hot and cold log cabin with cuddly animals all over the back. To make this even more special I will be making a special trip to visit the Quilting Queen of my family, Grandma. Now my last quilt was a bit disastrous when it all came together. Possibly even atrocious.


No...I can't post any horrible photo of it next to my beautiful new attempt at quilting. The last attempt was too much like a traffic accident. Too horrific to look away, even after more than two years.

Ahhh, much better. Did I mention that I love this fabric? The orangey stars, the pink circles, the stripey yellow, the seedy green, the sky blue and the spotted purple. I want to scarf them all down. I am most particularly happy with the matching backing of little jungle creatures that are fat and happy. Th spotty giraffe is so nicely rounded out, instead of being all knobbly. The stripey tiger looks plush enough to cuddle. The adorable monkey hanging onto that elephant's ear. Please don't ruin this for me guys, he's an innocent monkey alright? BTW, doesn't that elephant remind you of someone? He's been on my ravelry queue for a while, and this project might bump him up to must-do-next status.

Knitted by Nova in the perfect color to match my quilt.

*For my own edification, why differentiates a calico from another kind of fabric? Mom believed that it was a cotton fabric with a small print, but she wasn't real sure.

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