February 26, 2008

Yarn Pr0n

The Loot: You didn't actually think I could visit knitter's with buying souvenir yarn did you?


Two hanks of Cascade Ecowool (yes, I realize only one is pictured) and some SOAK rinse. I love the SOAKs. If you knit, you need this stuff.

My first Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn in Teal and Green. Ignore the purple yarn, we will get to that later.

And because it was near my birthday, Aimee gave me a notions bag (yarn added immediately after receiving). I am tickled to point out that she was thrilled with this find for $2.50 at Target. She was almost more excited to give it than I was to get it. Not pictured Mary Kay giftee's starshine pink nails and lips, hand and body lotion, and satin hands creamy goodness which have already found homes in my bathroom. Also some delicious smelling double chocolate ghirardelli coffee which have already found a home in my tummy

Aimee asks that I point out it has two pockets fer all yer knittin' stuff. The one you see on the outside (above) and the one you see on the inside below (mesh).
She also gifted me with some old soda bottles-in the form of yarn. Noob really wanted me to get this at SAFF because it was recycled and all and I didn't, but Aimee just granted her wish. Noob will expect me to knit this up right away.

Cristi gifted me with some solid sock yarn, also by Cherry Tree Hill. I have decided after the Embossed Leaves incident that I need some non-variegated sock yarn in my stash.

And that's not all guess what finally came in the mail today? No really. Guess, because I'm not posting until tomorrow.

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