February 8, 2008

I'm not knitting

As you can see if haven't been up to much knitting since casting off Rusted Root. In fact, I have been up to absolutely no knitting at all, which as you can all imagine doesn't make for very good blogger fodder.

But today between paying the water bill and picking up my allergy drugs (plural. I am that medicated.) I stumbled upon this little joy:

A bunny in a sweater. And not just any sweater, a sweater which he has burrowed his neck into in order to feel it's softness on his face. I imagine this sweater was knit by his Bunny Mom especially for him. I mean they made his sweater out of velvet on the cover of this book! It has to be hand knit to receive all that attention.

Now, before you get all excited the book has absolutely nothing to do with knitting or his sweater, but I can admit freely to all of you that I may have purchased this book for the reasonable price of 3.20 (including tax) because of that red sweater. Or rather because of an adorable bunny in what I imagine to be a hand knit sweater.

I knew you'd understand.

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