February 25, 2008

Weekend Away

I am Queen of the Weekend Excursions. So this past weekend was no exception. We had no groceries, but instead of going to the store, I packed up my knitting goodies (only three bags this time!), gassed up the car and headed out on the road. Where was I headed? Why to visit with Eva, Roz, Ripple and Calvin--err, Aimee and Cristi--of course.

You can't tell it here, but Ripple loves me the most. He even jumped in my lap after my invite for a petting. I also astounded the natural order of things at Aimee's place by receiving an abnormal amount of attention from Eva, which was like more than 3 seconds. It's a little hard to get photographic proof of these things when I am in the process of doing them, but trust me when I tell you that these cats adore me. Really.
I'm about to jump around here, so pay close attention.
Let's start with the photographic proof I do have of my trip! Craft Night at Cristi's:
What you were expecting a pic of myself? Bah! I frown upon such things. Besides Cristi spinning is way more interesting than my square making-More on square making later. Craft Night was a blast. In addition to those I know, Aimee and Cristi, I met tons of new peps; Jane, my twin and alibi Dani, Jean Marie* who is a hoot!, Stacy who has the best laugh ever, and Rachel.* (* denotes ravelry link. Let me know if I missed anyone.) We must have chatted and laughed and crafted until midnight. What really makes it a great night though, was the food. These ladies all pitch in monies for a delicious home cooked meal by the hostesses. Cherry baked chicken with roasted asparagus and tomatoes. I have never had asparagus before and it is crunchy and delicious. Also, it did not make my urine smell weird FYI.
Only to wake up and do the same thing the next day minus the asparagus, but I could have probably done that again too. Saturday, after quick stop at my favorite NSLYS (Not So LYS) we drove to the Charlotte Purls meeting. Cristi's GPS set our course for the drive. There is a dark side to Charlotte, NC and we drove through it. See this?
This is a normal construction supply building. It has razor wire to keep away the roaming hordes of construction supply thieves. We also saw this around some construction equipment to deter you if you ever got the itch to steal a 110 ton backhoe. And really who hasn't desired to cross all obstacles to drive -5 mph down the road on a backhoe joy ride? (Bonus points to the person who can make up the best dirty definition of a backhoe joy ride.)
We did arrive at our destination (eventually) to meet up with some of the ladies at the knit gathering and by some of the I mean a crap ton of fabulous. There were more women there than I could shake a needle at. I must shake a mean needle too, because Lord only knows that was what I must have been doing because I am lacking in the picture department here again.
Cristi teaching a how-to on stitch marker making.
Michelle working on the brand spanking new 28Thirty from Zephyr. Dani cruising along on her everlasting bagstopper bag in some of Aimee's gifted cotton/soda bottle yarn. (Cruise on over to Aimee's for details on how that works out.) Lastly, Aimee's arm working on her hemlock ring blanket in chocolate ecowool. I have discovered that I sit next to Aimee at every event and therefore leaving her out of every photo opportunity. I'm pretty sure this is just fine with her. ("sits"! Get it? Bah. *waves off everyone* Y'all just don't know a horribly delicious pun when you hear one.)

But what about yarn?! You cry. I hear ya. Tomorrow I will talk about just yarn and yarn related paraphernalia, but what else is new?


turtlegirl76 said...

Great summary of the weekend! Next time, I promise not to bring you near any razor wire.

Unless Mom tells us to.

Virtuous said...

Was a great weekend to meet you!! I really enjoyed you too!

LOL @ Aimee's arm.

Can't wait to see your pretty Hemlock really grow even bigger!

funfairiegirl said...

that picture makes my arm look fat!!!!

Eva didn't hiss at you - you have no idea how special that is.

J.P. said...

Wow.. fun times! And you got photographic proof, unlike me!

Watch out for Cristi's mom.. she will get you in trouble! :)