January 24, 2008

WIP Wednesday

What do you mean it's Thursday? Last time I checked...Dang it! Somehow, I missed a day again. I hate it when that happens. That whole holiday thing always throws me off.

But in theory since the work week didn't start until Tuesday and today is only the third day of the week, therefore technically hump day we will call this Thursday "Wednesday" in order to honor that middle day. *say that all in one breath* Fuzzy logic much? I love it.

So my WIPs look like this. Hold the phone. I said WIPS! Plural! What happened to that monogamy boat? I still have it. I cast on for embossed leaves one late night at work while I was dying for something to do. For all the burning passion I have for this sock pattern it's about time I cast them on.

Sadly, my passion for these socks is but a wee match lite compared to the bonfire of desire in my heart for Rusted Root. Although, it looks about the same as you saw last time, it is actually many stitches increased and 15 rows deeper. I'm afraid this blog is about to get very boring. I might have to rename this blog "I love my Rusted Root." That or go into warp speed so I have something else to show you.

Tonight, I will knit my little fingers off just to have something to so you two days from now on Friday, which in actuality is Saturday. Goodness, I hope we gain a day somewhere this year or else I'll never be back on track.


turtlegirl76 said...

Do you need me to get you a calendar? You confuse me.

Charles said...

Really cool name "I love my Rusted Root" soundd really awesome!
Did you finsh your top yet? It's Friday today!

Also chack out my knitting blog too see what to think ..if have a time! Also leave tyour comment too!