January 5, 2008

FO Friday Skipped

I was going to have an FO to show you yesterday, I swear. I even worked until late Thursday night to get the majority of it done, but Friday I got a notice that this came into the library and my night was shot.

It turns out my knitting insanity has spread to my love of reading. Thankfully, there are authors out there who understand. This is the first "knitlit" book I have ever read and in all honesty I added it to my hold list at the library because it had a pretty jacket. I mean what knitter is going to pass up what looks like kidsilk on the cover of a book?

Kate Jacobs has developed a plot that makes a hobby a way of life with many lessons to be learned. I enjoyed reading along as the characters developed more than the story moved along. You really feel like each character has something of yourself reflected in him or her, but that could be due to the fact they all knit. In addition, She has plenty of ethnicities represented with only a slight racial tension sub context very contrasting to where I live right now and refreshing. I did have to stop a few times and back track as Jacobs jumps between characters' thoughts and events just to remind myself which character I was with at the moment. Though I will warn you, it's a tearjerker. (Please note that I am what my mother refers to as "tender hearted" and I cry in any movie where an animal dies.)

So, if you like to read and find that your hands are a little sore from all that Christmas knitting you were trying to crank out this book just might fill your yarnivore requirements.


turtlegirl76 said...

I loved the book. I cried at the end too. So sad.

J.P. said...

I loved it, too. Like everybody else, I cried at the end. I just hope they make it into a half decent movie.