December 17, 2007

Noob, this post will burn your retinas

So, don't read it. Okay?
Whew, glad we go that out of the way. Because I don' t think I can sit on this post any longer. Thanks TurtleGirl for your wonderful suggestions. I really did like them, but am really just too lazy to rewrite code and upload to flickr. (Are y'all beginning to sense a theme about me? Does it include LAZY, because it should.)

Back to the real reason for posting. I got to do some knitterly shopping for Noob for Christmas. You don't even want to know how beyond happy it makes me to pick out knitting supplies for her.

I picked out a sock bag that is cute beyond newborn kittens. I want to steal it and keep it for myself. Though really it's not stealing, since I paid for it myself. It's more of regifting.

It's a sheepy sock bag from zigzagstitches. It's perfect for her. She will squeal with delightment when she opens it. In more ways than one, because it also contains at little something extra.
I am putting a knitterly something inside it.

Spots not included.

Knitting bling. Noob hasn't yet been exposed to the highly functional and totally fantastic knitting jewelry, we like to call stitchmarkers.

Turtle stitchmarkers.

Lots of turtle stitchmarkers.

If the bag alone doesn't make her vomit rainbows, this will definitely put her over the top. Turtles are her favorite animal. Followed by frogs and cows. (Though, the frogs are only by default, because some people are igits and can't tell the difference between a reptile and an amphibian.)

I am on the look out for cheap scissors, a (sheep) measuring tape, stitch gauge, and a chibi as well. The chibi would be too cute. Plus she will have to learn grafting for the toe, so she really does need some needles. While, the stitch gauge has been eluding me somehow every time I look for one. The (sheep) measuring tape is out there too, I know. I've seen it on every freakin' person's blog ever, but have decided that $10.00 is just too much for to order a measuring tape online. Hopefully, I will get my butt actually out of my house to look for scissors and the above items in public.

Perhaps it's because I'm buying gifts I would like to own, but I can't wait to give this too her.

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turtlegirl76 said...

Ya know, I've seen the sheep needle gauge all over on line, never in person. I think it's all a lie.