November 19, 2007

A Visit to the North via the South

I met Fairie Girl and TurtleGirl at the Yarn Harlot event back in September, where we immediately hit it off. We didn't get to spend as much time together at SAFF as originally planned, so we decided that I needed to come visit them in Charlotte. That's what I did this past weekend; I drove to North Carolina via South Carolina. p.s. I-85 is a long drive.

At 8:05 sharp I got in the car and started my 200+ mile trip to Charlotte. 200+ miles is a long time to entertain yourself without the benefit of yarn. After 45 minutes I began to wonder if Aimee and I would get along for a whole day. What if we didn't have anything to talk about? What if we get really bored? What if she tries to convert me into a *gasp* spinner? Really. I honestly worried about these things.

Four hours of driving later, I arrived at Aimee's still slightly apprehensive. Thankfully she's a knitter. A knitter with cats. As soon as I entered the house I began to feel at ease. Several projects were strewn around the couch (obviously her knitting spot-same as me) and a least one cat had recently snuggled up there as well. Like any normal knitbloggercatowner, I promptly let go of my things to introduce myself to her kitties. That's when it happened. Eva, the calico, let me give her the good stritches. You cat owner's know what I mean. Eva leaned into my fingers as they worked the right spot. I astonished Aimee with my animal magic. I am so far beyond proud of that accomplishment.

Aimee was obviously jealous, because she whisked me out of the house and to Charlotte Yarn. (Okay, really I was starving and we needed to get food into my belly before I fell over faint from lack of food, but whatever.) Turtlegirl was working, so we visited for a while (couple hours). All was good.

I was a good girl too. I only bought a tiny sample of SOAK in aqua scent and a size 2.5 mm Addi 32" circular needles. Aimee, on the other hand, spent much time picking out the appropriate color for her Magical-FairIsle-Tam or whatever it's called. The point is, looky! Pretty yarns! Aren't they gorgeous sitting in that row? Very nice.

After work, we slipped over to Turtlegirl's for food, cat lovin', knitting, chatting and Torchwood. I really love Calvin's permanently spooked look, and Ripple's extra good cuddles. I had a hard time working on the Hubby's BMPs, because I wanted Calvin to love me best. Aimee worked on her Multitude-of-Colors-Christmas-Tam and stole Calvin from me. ;) Cristi diligently worked on her I'm-just-copying-Aimee's-Tam and thoroughly impressed me with her very organized, very well stocked yarn ROOM.

It almost made me want to go out and get a second job at a yarn shop. Almost.


funfairiegirl said...

Calvin will always be my boyfriend. he is a little flirt!!!

Glad you made it!!! Can't wait to see you again (so I can convert you to a spinner!!!)

Virtuous said...

Been seeing you all over the net at Cristi's and Aimee's blogs.

Hate I missed you while you were here visiting!

But if you were hanging with that duo, I KNOW you had a great time!! :oD

turtlegirl76 said...

If you'da brought Calvin a milk jug ring, you'd be his for life. ;) I had a fabulous time hanging out with you and can't wait for you to visit again!

Virtuous said...

Tried to e-mail you at your AOL account in your profile but it rejected. So here is my message:
Hey Jen!

We will definitely save you a seat for next time!! :o)

Thanks for stopping by our blog and mine too!

Happy Thanksgiving!