November 10, 2007


Friday I went to another conference for work. We had a different destination this time, but I still chose to ride instead of drive. I always chose to be passenger if I can for two reasons 1)Talking distracts me and makes me a very bad driver. 2) As a passenger I can knit.

Now, if you knit in the car with a coworker it kind of blindsides them. They cant grasp the concept. They may feign interest in what your doing, but sure enough a question like "What are you sewing there?" slips out and the whole facade is over. I typically just ignore the misnomer, hold up my knitting and tell them I am knitting a sock. Is it just me or are people really morons? If you hold a tube up in the air and ask people to guess what part of the body it covers they are dumbstruck. (And no, a tube that wide shouldn't cover that part of the body.) "Really how does it go on?" they want to know. I feel like smacking them upside the head with my partially completed sock and telling them that "The openings of socks are at the top. And see then you stick your toes in first and pull it on. That way your toes get to the bottom." *Smack! Smack! Smack!*

Although this time after I explained it was a sock, the driver became genuinely interested. He didn't ask me how it went on your foot. Instead, he wanted to touch and feel it's softness. He wanted to know what kind of material I used and if it was warm. He wanted to know if I did commissioned work. I was more than willing to knit him a pair of socks, but I informed him of the wait list. "First I finish this current pair for myself. Then I have to knit Space Invaders for the Hubby (he's been asking for them for months). After that I have to make a small pair for a friend. Then you can have some socks." He looked kinda down at that point, like I took away his candy or something. I'm sorry to say this made my little knitter's heart jump for joy. This man deserves handknit socks.

I'm also glad to report that This story has more than one happy ending. When I reiterated the story to my husband he replied, "At least he didn't call it crocheting. Thems fightin' words." You have to love a man like that.


evilsciencechick said...

at least they don't try to tell you that you can by socks 6 in a pack for a couple of bucks.

that's a needle through the eye offense.

funfairiegirl said...

that's awesome!

*visit us sooooooon*