October 14, 2007


I found it! A sock pattern that calls out for my Dragonfly "leftovers" thanks to Aimee and her sidebar links. I had forgotten all about Magknits.com (If you don't have a huge list of "I reads," you are missing out of some serious blog stalking from me. I love perusing other people's lists.)

Rainbow by Susanne Kitzmann. She has created short row heaven for self striping yarns. I loved the swirling affect the reverse stockinette stitch in RPM had on the horizontal rows of color. I am hoping that this pattern will give me the same warm fuzzies as RPM. It even makes me excited about working with this yarn all over again! Impressive that a pattern can do that for me considering I just finished working with this yarn.

(Although, in order to perfect this wonderful pattern I will be using Cookie A.'s trade mark raised 1x1 rib stitch instead of the 2x2 ribbing shown. I loves me some snug fitting ribbing!)

You are all unusually lucky to get so many posts in a row from me. I normally post once or twice a week! But don't worry, it won't go to my head. I will be gone for the next two days for a work conference. So no posting to the blog, but hopefully the time in the car will provide me with some WIP or FOs to show you upon my return!

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funfairiegirl said...

I haven't updated those links in forever. I don't even have the blogs I read over there. I just throw things up there randomly. Glad you found something to use your leftovers on. I have been on a design kick for leftovers. I just knit another project in leftovers. It is the 2nd I have actually knit and I have a third kicking about in the head...I really need to put my patterns out...*hugs* see you SOOOON!