October 17, 2007

Maya, the Drip Queen

I returned from my conference in one piece, which is amazing simply because we totaled the company car. It wasn't my fault. I swear! First off, I wasn't driving I was knitting. Secondly, it was the huge buck's fault for standing in the middle of our lane and preventing us from making the last 45 miles of the trip. There is an upside though, I got to ride in the back seat of a South Carolina State Trooper's vehicle while we were delivered to the hotel in record time. He turned on the lights and clocked people for us and everything! It was my first time in a cop car. (Just so you know, there's no cage in a State Trooper's car. The criminals get strapped into the front passenger seat with a locking seat belt , which is next the locked and loaded shotgun. Scary!)

I did not knit in front of the cop, but I did play with the work camera again. Look a video:

This is in response to the conversation JP and I had about our cats and the bathroom. (Pay no attention the the crap sitting around on my counter, we only have one drawer. ) By the way, Maya will actually lead you to the bathroom, so you can turn the drips on for her. Yes, we have pet water fountain, but she is a drip snob. Only the bathroom sink will do.

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