September 21, 2007

You will hate me for this

Fellow SAFFers you may not want to read the following, because you will turn green with envy.

In August my girlfriend Leslie and I made plans to attend SAFF this year. Leslie is a noob knitter, but agreed to take the trip with me so I couldn't wimp out again this year. And because she is a fabulous friend, she also agreed to take Friday off from work to drive up here and take a class with me on Saturday. God could not build a better friend than one who will take time off work and spend $40 on a yarn dyeing class when she doesn't even really knit. It still astounds me, and at the same time, gives me hope that I can convert her into a Knitter. With a capital K.

Leslie, being the dutiful friend she is, sent her class fees in a few days after we made plans. I wrote the check, filled out the forms, and stuffed the envelope while I was on the phone, but after a quick review of my budget realized that I needed to wait until September to mail it. (Apparently, buying a house really screws with your budget.) So there the letter sat on my kitchen table stamped and ready to go, but waiting until the next month rolled around.

Diligently, I checked the SAFF website everyday to ensure that the class had not reached the "filled" status. Then one day near the end of August, while I was searching the web for information vital to my job, which is student recruitment at a College, I was shocked to learn that the class Leslie and I had agreed on-that she had already paid for mind you-was full. Not only was I disappointed, but I felt like the epitome of a lousy friend.

Thankfully, the site had information about whom to email to be put on class waiting list. Y'all I was on that faster than the millennium falcon during a hyper jump. I explained my situation to the wonderful people coordinating the event, i.e. I am the world's most horrible friend, because I make my friends drive hours to go to fiber fairs which they have little interest in AND pay to take a class with me which I then don't take. Carolyn, the workshop coordinator, kindly responded that she understood my situation and I was number two on the waiting list. She told me there wasn't anything she could do now, but she would see what she could do. All I had to do was wait.

So wait I did, until today. Because of the email I got today, I think Carolyn deserves to be raised to the statute of a Yarn Goddess. Her email...well just read it for yourselves:

"Hi Jen,
You had contacted me regarding signing up for the natural dyeing class your friend Leslie is in, which has filled. I've been talking to the instructor and we have decided to provide her with an assistant in this class. SAFF pays for the assistant and his/her material fees, the assistant takes the class with everyone else, but is also there to provide the instructor with any help she may need. Is this something you might be interested in?


I do not think a pig in mud could be happier than I was when I finished reading. I am more than willing to muck animal stalls to get into that class, and here I only have to assist the instructor? and I get to attend the class?! for free?!!

Carolyn, you have got yourself a willing slave.


funfairiegirl said...


I signed up for nothing. I suck. However, I will invite you to KC and take you to the something like 400 yarn shops in the area to make up for my lacking at SAFF!

jenifleur said...

HOLY CRAP. I gotta tell Claudia. She's trying to get into a class and she makes an A1+++ assistant. You're soooo lucky.