September 22, 2007

The definition of 'Give'

Since my visit to Atlanta, my brain has been swirling around WWYHD?

What would Yarn Harlot Do? She would certainly com up with a a way to promote a very worthy cause like Aimee's of Fairie_Knits. Aimee has Lupus. Lupus according to Aimee not only "sucks," but "this stupid disease kills!" And we can't be having that-the Yarn Harlot would most certainly do something about it.

So that's what I will do-something and until funds are a little more available I will pimp Aimee's Lupus fundraiser. That's right, I'm pimping out Aimee...and the Tattooed Boyfriend thought that he had her all to himself. HA!

For those of you who were not able to make the drive to hear the Harlot speak, I will reiterate some of her ideas. Knitters make excellent charitable givers, because we understand that small things add up. Aimee's goal to reach $5,000 is a reasonable one. Five thousand dollars is only $5 dollars from 1000 knitters or $10 from 500 knitters. Wednesday certainly proved that there are more than way more than 500 knitters surrounding the Atlanta area alone. And if that isn't enough to convince you the astounding numbers of volunteer's for Franklin's photography project (to put it lightly) should.

1 comment:

funfairiegirl said...

I think I may have a crush on you! Thanks for the pimping.

Tattoo Boyfriend knows he doesn't have me to himself. He knows he has to share me with the knitters in my life. and 2 cats. And 2 pugs. But mostly him. I mean he is HOT otherwise I wouldn't be moving to Missouri of all places!!!