September 20, 2007


A knitting celebrity came to Atlanta last night and yours truly was there. I made the 5 hour round trip to see THE Yarn Harlot speak and meet with several knit bloggers for the first time in person. Jen, ChickenGoddess, KnitWitch (whose pattern Weenie Warmer I saw modeled-in a photograph-for the first time), Claudia, Hockeymom, EvilScienceChick, KnitFactor, Lalala, Katey and all her snotty knitting friends, Quiddity, Turtlegirl, Knitterboy76, Fairie_Knits, and all the everyone else who I may have forgotten. These guys and gals were all a blast to hang out with. Everyone was hilarious, but that may be my over zealousness talking. And all the projects-goodness gracious! I could have hung around a couple more hours just to oogle everyone's work. It was wonderful to be surrounded ONLY 290 members of my knitting community.

It goes without saying the Stephanie was a great speaker and kept us hanging on our more. At the end of the evening, she did the signing thing. I had my own copy of Yarn Harlot and I bought At Knit's End; she of course signed both. (I know that woman had to have a hand cramp at the end of the night. Or, now that I think about it, perhaps all that knitting has built up tolerance for repetitive hand motion?)

Jane (or is it Jayne) of Knitch, won one of the door prizes, which was some coveted Knitch specialty blend coffee. That is until everyone discovered that it was decaf. Then it was all "why bother?" Although everyone else saw a very quiet version of myself, I am normally in no need for caffeine as I talk way too much. (I blame the speechlessness on the fact that I am slowly, albeit unwillingly, turning into a country bumpkin.) Decaf is my friend. Besides, I mainly consume coffee for the milk and sugar I can add to it.

Those of you who are into sustainable agriculture or just keeping it "local" will love what the back of the package reads:

So all and all, the evening was a huge success and I adored going. I can't wait to meet up with everyone again for SAFF in October!


funfairiegirl said...

It was so lovely to meet you. Sorry for my little outburst. I just don't take kindly to bullies. *hugs* I hope we see you soon!

turtlegirl76 said...

Again - Nice to meet you! I hope you get to meet up with us in Charlotte soon!

Brooke said...

ONG, OMG!! Is it true that you're going to SAFF?? We soooo have to meet up! How cool is that? *grin*

Melissa said...

:D I can't wait to be able to spend more time getting to know everyone at SAFF. It was a bit crazy trying to say hello to everyone at Harlot.

Fattie said...

Well now that you have complimented my Jitterbug I must find the name of the colorway so that you may have some for yourself. :-) Great meeting you, see you at SAFF!