September 26, 2007

Day of rest

Yesterday, I worked a 12 hour day. I was at work at 8:30 in the morning and didn't leave until 8:30 at night. Though, in all fairness I did get 15 whole minutes for lunch. I am paid by the hour (in peanuts for those who are wondering) and only part time; I'm not allowed to go over 30 hours a week. Can anyone say comp time? Which means today I get to goof off-although, because I am a dedicated worker *cough**cough*suckingup*cough* I did go to the staff forum today from 10 am to 11am.

What are my plans for the rest of the day?
1. Go to grocery store and get food. (Marshmallow creme scored!)
2. Eat said food while watching Heroes on (Sark! I LOVE you David Anders, but only when you play a bit of rogue.)
3. Eat and browse the blogs. Possibly figure out google reader. (Yes, I am a moron. It may take me a while.)
4. Continually shove Nigel out of my lap until the point where I want to drop kick him across the room. I love you fuzzbutt, but you are annoying the p!ss out of me right now.
5. Drink and seam up the 2nd booty to replace the pair I gave away to this doll.
6. Knit on another swiffer pad and have a snack.
7. Munch on some food while working on my cardigan and pondering if I should set a SAFF deadline for myself? (One insane knitting deadline by the end of October knit out of super bulky weight yarn on size 10.5 needles? Check.)

8. Post pictures of a secret project that I have been knitting on here and there just to get you guys to delurk and take a stab at guessing what it might be.

Okay, s0 this might be almost too easy...

9. Cook one of my favorite dinners also known as Baked Potato Night. Hello sour cream and bacon!
10. And finally round off the evening with some seriously load chocolate brownies and Hugh Laurie, who revealed to tv guide this week that he's not pregnant. Thank Goodness for that one!

Any questions?

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funfairiegirl said...

on my way to work this morning I thought - I haven't heard from Jen in a whole day. And I cried. And then I was at the office and BUSY and then you posted and I read it and now I am happy. But I still haven't heard from you. I think you have fallen out of tingly feelings for me.