August 6, 2007

One of those days

Unfortunately, today wasn't much better than yesterday. I feel like this:

Nothing left but an empty shell and just a little off centered.

Still, I did manage to get a little knitting done between down times. I turned the heel of my RPM socks and swatched my yarn for my Free 1980's Chunky Red Heart Pattern Jacket. I'm kidding.

It just looks like a free 1980's chunky Red Heart pattern and was aptly named 'Cardigan' by the manufacturer. I can't continue calling it the Free-1980'2-Chunky-Red-Heart-Jacket, but I can't really think of a name that fits either. The color of the yarn is 'Dusty Plum', which means it's purple, but that doesn't really suit it either. Typically, I am brilliant when it comes to naming and use either the pattern name or the color of the yarn as the name. So I've exhausted my naming resources.

P.S. Doesn't it remind you of another project I knitted up earlier this year? It's almost the same color. If I had a little girl we could wear matching jackets. Scary, uh?

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