August 22, 2007

Cat in socks

A day late and a dollar short. I just thought of the best title for yesterdays post-'The Cat in the Hat,' which of course means that I've got nothing in up my sleeve for titles today. Good thinkg I have more happy pet pictures for you instead.

Better than Booties baby socks in cable rib from interweaveknits free patterns page. These cutey-pootooty socks match this weeks hat. I love the way the cables make the yarn all jumbly and the st st smooths it all out into a more relaxed knit.

You should recognize this by now familiar yarn on yet another unhappy cat. It was a fight to get that sock on that kitty paw and hold it there.

But totally worth it, no?

1 comment:

Mouse said...

From the look on that cat's face.. I'd sleep light if I were you. I put a party hat on my cat one day.. she tore up two balls of yarn in the middle of the night- I totally deserved it.