June 15, 2007

Welcome Back!

I know, I know, I know that I haven't posted in a while, and I swear I have a good excuse. It's a great excuse actually-I was tagging along while my Husband attended a conference at the beach! When the boss pays for a suite at a beach resort, you can pretty much count on me taking advantage of it. My husband went for a continued education and I went for complete relaxation. Sneaky little witch, aren't I?

I did take several small, teeny, tiny knitting projects to occupy my time while the Hubby was learning, but it seems that the only time I found for working on any was in the car. I tried casting on a pair of mini-monkey socks as seen on Cara's site with my leftover snapdragon. It resulted in a brain freeze with a line of picot knitted as *k2, k2tog, yo* instead of *k2tog, yo* (knit in round). Not a pretty site. As it turns out I really should not knit anything more complex than st st. Although on the return trip, I did manage to cast on for a picot-edged sleeve in multiple colors, but it required a stronger than normal amount of concentration and much more time than the average knitter would need. Do you even recognize this what front this long lost project is for?

I really wanted to take my new sock yarn. However, it did not arrive until two days after we left. (Which as we now know was prolly a good thing.) MMMmmm, WhiteWillow's yummy skeins of Lime and Dragonfly. Couldn't you just snorgle this yarn?

So my new yarn doesn't really match my new souvenir purse*, it does prove that I have become a REAL knitter. My purse is now large enough to fit several skeins of yarn for all that knitting on the go. And 1 lb of Jellybeans, because I know that I'm not the only one who consumes jellybellies in massive quantities. Moving on, it's much larger than my old purse, which is both a good and bad thing. Good, because as I just explained I have more room for yarn. Bad, because now I can't find $hit in my purse. Everything just sifts to the bottom, especially if I am looking desperately for it. My other purse was so compact that things just STAYED were it was placed.

All the time I spent not knitting, I was sunning on the beach while rockin' the 45 spf, because I have a huge fear of wrinkles. I already have a hearing aid and multiple cats people. I do NOT need the wrinkles to complete my epitome of oldness. No, I don't burn on contact, actually I tan quite well. And yes, I am the only person on earth who can lay out at the beach for a week and come back the same color.

The evenings were spent eating, drinking and shopping. All-you-can-eat seafood buffets?! So there. Two dollar margarita's?! Bring 'em on! Monogrammed purses?! Had to have it, which were not at all purchased under the influence of alcohol. (Pictured earlier.) Unfortunately, for you, I have no digital pictures of the beach, or any of our other activities. Noooo, not that activity gutter-brain, other activities like putt-putt with a fire breathing dragon. Okay, so there some-a lot-of that activity too. And because I'm not in that kind of thing, we didn't take pictures of that either.

Tomorrow, pics of what awaited my arrival home.
*Staci would be proud.

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