June 2, 2007

Eye Candy Fri(Satur)day

Thought that you would like to see an FO on this blog every now and then. Finished this last weekend, while watching waaay tooo much internet tv and re-watching season one of Firefly (the only season I might add). Tada! Jellybean, renamed, from Susan B. Anderson's Book Itty-Bitty Hats.

Sorry for the crap-tastic picture, which includes a newly washed poop-brown colored sleeping bag on top of the dryer in our mudroom where the light is the best complete with Maya furs, because she discovered is was soft and out of Nigel's reach. (Nigel can't or else won't jump onto the washer/dyer, but we did see him on top of the fridge last night, where we store pet meds. YUM! We feed meds inside treats. So all our poor dumb beasts think meds are treats and get excited when you shake the pill container.)

~Knitted in size 5 needles (one 16" circ for bottom and two double points for each panel) instead of the suggested size 7.
~Substituted Knitpicks Sport Shine for the recommended Rowan handknit dk.
~Changed the gauge to help with this change in yarn. I had to cast on the 2 y.o. size to get the 3-6 month old size.
~Switched the garter stitch pattern on the white yarn to a chevon-ish pattern. Loved it much more.
~Switched the pattern/yarn color combos to match the photograph (for the first 5 panels, white to sea foam green, pictured) instead of how the pattern read. Was very happy with this change.

I recommend sticking with the photographed set up rather than the instructions with my chevron pattern change for the white (you can see a teeny-tiny bit of it on the far left) and making sure you can repeat each color evenly. For example using each color once, twice, or three times rather than trying to fit another color in once, like I had to. It just bothers me personally that the "sides" of my hat don't match perfectly.

This hat has a fun construction. You knit the bottom in the round and then pick up a set number of stitches for each color and work the panels one at a time. Adding a new panel to the left of the original with an additional stitch on the RS and k2Tog on the WS. The hat is worked with this construction until you get to the last panel were you pick up a stitch on both sides (RS) and k2tog on the the next row (WS). It's not quite intarsia, but it would be a fun starter project for someone who hasn't worked with multiple colors yet.

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