May 2, 2007

I want your YARN!

Destash is the world's greatest place to find a single skeins of yarn or the whole dang 10 pack at a pretty reasonable rate. It's just that I can never seem to find the color(s) I need for whatever projects are on the back burners. So here's the deal my peps. Below you will find a list of yarns I desire. If you have just ONE SKEIN of these laying around in your stash, email me and we'll set up deal.

Jaeger Merino DK (100% merino wool)
dark brown

Rowan 4-Ply Cotton (100% Cotton)
White (#113 Bleached)

Rowan 4-Ply Soft (100% merino wool)
Dark blue (#369 Blue bird)

Rowan Cotton Glace' (100% Cotton)
Black (#727 Black)
White (#726 Bleached)
Red (#741 Poppy)
Yellow (#813 Zeal)

DONE Rowan Handknit dk Cotton (100% Cotton)
Pink (#303 Sugar)
Seafoam Green (#318 Seafarer)
White (#263 Bleached)
Orange (#319 Mango Fool)
Pale Yellow (#320 Buttercup)

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