May 1, 2007


The camera is still on the fritz, so I'm hoping to distract you with a picture of Maya at 5 days old with her adopted mom feeding her.

Sock update: Got another 6 rows done at the Dentist. (I arrived ten minutes early for my 8:40 appointment and waited another twenty as they forgot I was there! I was the only stinkin' patient in the waiting room.) We are progressing nicely to the toe decrease. Only a week and half left until my self-imposed deadline of Mother's day. Do you think Mom will mind getting only one sock? Maybe some flowers will distract her from noticing that it's a lonely single sock, instead of a mated pair of socks...

Weasley Sweater update: Only seven more inches of the back left. I have discovered that watching a movie greatly helps distract me from the monotony of st st over a large distance. Are sensing a theme yet? As an added bonus it also allows me to knit for large quantities of time without realizing it. So far I have watched Hoodwinked! (so cute), Naruto Movie #1 (meh), and parts of Blades of Glory and Idiocracy (both good). I was thinking about watching Babel. Can anyone who's seen it tell me if it's any good? I take other movie suggestions as well.

DB Fair isle project: I have progressed past the fair isle part and am in the boring st st yet again. Thankfully, it's a small sized project (for a 2 y.o.) and I can take it practically anywhere to distract me from-you guessed it- boredom.

Such as last Friday when I knitted while waiting in the Vet's for PoPo's annual check up and steroid shot. The shot which she did not need! Yea! She has serious allergies and a cortisone shot is practically the only thing that keeps her from scratching her skin into open wounds. We have tried everything short of making her an indoor dog completely, which her mommy can't do. PoPo loves the out of doors too much. I mean everything consisting of oatmeal baths, safflower oil, benadryl, the shots-of course-and now we are trying N-zymes. A natural product much like a vitamin that the vet said was worth a try. It costs about the same as getting a shot each month ~$10.00 not including the office visit fee and is better for her than a steroid, which she can become desensitized to. Oh, did I mention it's on top of the baths one a week, oil on every meal and benadryl twice a day? That's my dog for you-high maintenance just like her mommy.

Who would have guessed that this sweet puppy would turn into 60 lbs of allergies every spring and summer?

P.S. Did I successfully distract you from the fact that this knitting blog has no actual proof knitting going on recently?

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