April 30, 2007

I have a plan

As we all know, I am always way behind the trend. I mean, I was working on my Adrienne Vittadini Dianna top from Spring '05 in Summer '06. This is nothing new, but there is a problem with being a late knitter.

And that problem is yarn, name-brand-designer-for-a-limited-time-only-whatever-you-want-to- call-it yarn. By the time I get 'round to knitting a pattern there's no more yarn left and I have to substitute. After two years of feverish knitting I am a pro at substituting yarn. (It also helps that I'm not real particular about quality standards or perfection per say. Boo boos are okay with me.)

You can imagine that when I bought Becky's yarn for booties, I was going to get in trouble. And in trouble I am. The cutest sheep booties in the world require a skein of Jaeger persia in black before i can finish them. Once again, I am left to find replacement yarn as I did not realize Jaeger no longer produced their persia yarn. Not one single solitary skein of persia in black to be found anywhere. As any knitter knows, when you are that frustrated with a project, you set it to the side and let it steep a little. You know, to enhance the flavor to your liking, or in this case until the project comes back into flavor. (I'm southern-everything relates back to tea somehow.)

So after about a month of sitting on the back burners, I realized that I had the perfect substitute already in my stash! 100% acrylic Red Heart Plush yarn in a soft brown. You read that right, I am mixing my designer yarns with my crap yarns. The shear audacity of it might overwhelm your knitting senses. However, lets look at the facts about these booties:
1. They are baby booties for a non-existent baby, making them purely for the pleasure of it knits.
2. Should they ever come in contact with a baby they will more than likely be drooled, peed or pooped on and there for need washing.
3. Acrylic washes really good, while wool not so good.
4. They are sheep booties! Sheep booties!

Now imagine how great they match, because my camera is on the fritz and I've got no pictures for you.

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