April 7, 2007

Return of the mojo

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a few pairs of lamb booties? How about three pairs of lamb booties, one pair of fushia ribbon-tie booties and one pair of herringbone booties?

Anybody recognize the ribbon in those pink booties?
No part of gift given to me goes unused.

In the spirit of new renewal of the Lamb, I tried to let my new yarn inspire the renewal of my knitting mojo. Well, let's just say God works in srange ways, because after completing* Zoe Mellor's ribbon-tie booties (well, completely seamed minus the soles), I got started on a pair of lamb booties. There was a ton of yardage left on the skien, so I decided to see how may pairs of lamb booties a person could get from a 50g skien of Jaeger Persia.

Really, besides a project from one of the 'one skien wonder' books, what is a knitter to do with a partial skien, epescially a partial skien of a discontinued yarn? Knit herself into a fever it would seem. It was like a race to the finish line, the closer I got the end of the skien the faster I knit to see if I would run out. The remaining yardage? Only two inches more than one yard left over. God was definitely watching over that one.

Now, all I need is one skien of Jaeger Merino Dk in black, or a good subsitute, to finish the soles, ears, eyes and mouth of my flock. One pair will be for me, one pair might go to a newly pregant friend at work, and one might be available to the public.

Oh, and a skien of Rowan 4 ply cotton in white for the gingham shoes and a dark blue skien of four ply soft for the stripey shoes and Jaeger merino dk in cream and brown for the bear shoes...

Yup, I think my knitting mojo has been renewed. Thank you Lord! Happy Easter to Everyone!

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elizabeth said...

Ha-ha! I recognize the ribbon! I never throw stuff away either!