April 14, 2007


...Saturday is my yarn 'shopping' day, or rather I like to keep the postman busy delivering me yarn on Saturdays. It seems that I not only regularly blog on Saturdays, but I also feel the need to post about my stash enhancements. My most recent purchase will, hopefully, only be in the stash for a little while. Mom asked for some socks for her birthday (September) or Christmas (December-just in case you weren't sure), and I just thought that was too long to wait for hand knitted socks.

However, Mother's day is just around the corner. Not that I, or any other knitter, ever needs a reason to give a requested pair of handmade socks. But it does help me justify the purchase to my husband. My mom specifically requested this pair of socks honey. How can I afford not to give them to her? See? It works well.

As I stated in an earlier post, I ordered this yarn from etsy seller WhiteWillow, who lives in at the opposite end of a neighboring state. She shipped the yarn on Tuesday and it arrived today. You do not know the agony of waiting until 5pm (when our mail is delivered) to check the mailbox all those days.

After waiting 5 days for it to arrive, I'm ecstatic it's here finally. And I got a little surprise with my order. A wee bag of lavender potpourri and one hand crafted stitch marker all packaged in some cheerful tissue paper. As for the yarn itself, her label says 75 % wool and 25% nylon. I'm wondering if the wool is merino, because it was deliciously soft as I wound it into a cake. Also, because it feels tons softer than any Trekking or Opal yarns I browse in the stores. At any rate I can't wait to start knitting it up, but I promised myself I would finish up a few older projects first.

Be sure to stay tuned as I knit up another pair of Pomatomus Socks, by Cookie A.

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