April 20, 2007

And that's it!

Just a few new (old) projects still being worked on. The following photos will be riveting. Hang on to your needles.

1. Weasley Sweater. Now with a COMPLETE 'M,' and all that remains of my yarn. Must order more yarn from Scotland. Good thing I posted about it last year.....
2. Debbie Bliss Fair Isle Toddler Sweater (front). You're blown away with my progress, I know.
3. Mother's Day socks (NEW). Ignore the pasty white leg whom looks as if belongs to a 500 pound woman, because even thin people have weird fat parts on their bodies they can't explain. (That would be my ankles or cankles as fact would have it.)
4. PoPo soaking up the only sun she could find in the house.
You can put the needles down from your eyes now. I told you that you would be hanging onto your sanity by a thread if you looked.

1 comment:

Knittingbeauty said...

Love the start of your socks! The only two complete pairs of socks I've finished have been by Cookie, her patterns are great! And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with multiple projects going on at once :)