March 21, 2007


Is it a wool tease when someone says "tomorrow I'll have progress pics of such and such" and then they don't have any progress pics of that item instead posting some lame example of lace and completely ignoring their previous promise? I believe it is my knitting buddies.

Sorry it took me so long to un-lazify myself and take pictures of Weasley Progress, which as been done since this weekend. What can I say? I was reading other people's blogs and I forgot? Phhhhh! So without any further to do---

We have progressed to the color work of an otherwise very boring blog entry. If the fact that I refer to the hubby by 'M' has not clued you on to the letter his name begins with, maybe this will.

I would give the author of this Times New Roman "M" design credit if I hadn't printed the chart off more than a year ago. Sorry. BTW, if you're the author let me know. I'm basing it off the pattern that came with the yarn. Which oddly enough, does not have any shaping for the armholes. Can that possibly be right? The pattern just says "marking for arm holes" and the sleeve instructions have no cap shaping either. So I'm just knitting away in a blind hope that I am literate and will bumble through this alright. This method, as we all know, works so well.

The stranding on the WS is not to shabby if I say so myself. I'm rather pleased with my ability to keep it all straight. All two yarns. It's slow going, but once I get finished with this it's all boring one color st st again.

Only 113 days left until the movie and all I have left is the rest of the front, half the back and two sleeves. Looks like it's all going according to schedule!

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