February 16, 2007

Yarny Goodness

Guess what was sitting on the porch for me when I got home? Elizabeth's generous yarn offer! She told me she would mail this out yesterday it arrived today-from another state! I about died when opened it. It's 310 yards of a gorgeous wool dyed in a variegated more-pink-than-mauve color complete with note and her favorite generic sock pattern. The additional touch of coordinating ribbon and flower charm tied to the skein just kicked my completely into the "awww" factor. Thank you so much Elizabeth!

I am sooooo in love with the color I couldn't decide which picture to show y'all.

So here it is outside in the full sun:

And indoors with indirect lighting and the flash:
She even sent a present for the kitties. And no, there would not be any lawyers to eat in that box
(Disclaimer: No yarn was harmed in the following pictures!) It apparently this yarn just smells really fantastic. Besides the fact the I have now entered the twilight zone (because that's the only way these two get this close together), they both got on the bed I was using to watch me wind the yarn into a ball. At one point Maya might have accidentally walked between of Nigel's line of sight and the yarn "show," and he may have pitched a hissy fit about it. Really, he swatted her for coming between him and the yarn. I've never heard Nigel hiss, but I was really expecting him to at that moment.

PoPo , who is normally uninterested in yarn past the initial sniff, actually hung out right by my side the entire time I hand wound it into a ball to ensure that the yarn was properly treated. She also insisted on double checking my work. She requests that I ask Elizabeth if there is a boy doggy present at her house and if so is he available? Did y'all catch that? All three of my animals, plus myself were involved in the winding of this yarn into a ball in my spare bedroom next to the bed in about 3 square feet of space. It was intense.

Now all that's left is to knit up a pair of socks and tell y'all about it. I had picked out a couple of patterns I wanted to try and I think that Pomatomus will be perfect for showing off the wonderful dappled dye job. Note to self: must build up courage to actually knit with gifted yarn.


flwrhead said...

Yay! It made it! In one day, too, I can't believe that. I should've given you care instructions, but I forgot. 100% wool, handwash, lay flat to dry. And while I don't have any boy doggies at home (sorry PoPo!), I'd be happy to send you at least one lawyer if I could just...squeeze...him in a box....think I could trick him into getting into the box with some Monopoly money?

Jen said...

Just waive a dollar-scented air freshener around the box and the lawyer will fit himself in that box! I actually have started the first Pomatomus sock and really need to take a picture post about it. Thanks for the instructions!