February 20, 2007

Weasley and the Anti-Itch Solution

I have discovered how to add inches onto my Weasley Sweater without going insane. Quite simply, I feel brilliant about it. B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. [Add your own big smile and razzl-dazzle hand movements.]

As you may or may not know, my job involves odd hours. It's one of the reasons I love it. Some days are normal 9:oo to 5:oo-ers and some are 1:00 to 8:30-ers. Normally, a person would cringe at those kind of hours, but I get to make my own schedule and my late nights involve working with students. I don't do very much, except keep the students on task and answer questions every now and then. In fact, I often need another activity to keep me busy. Enter knitting.

By knitting, I can still very much do my busy work and pay my full attention to the students. We all know knitting helps us focus our attention. I read somebody proved it somewhere. I swear, I just can't remember where. Grumperina possibly? She's a sciencey gal like that. JenLa? They know the value of knitting in public. At any rate, I can knit mind numbing rows of stockinette stitch in the round and still be fully accessible. Should I actually need to get up at a moments notice the Weasley Sweater allows for that too. It's the perfect at work project! Plus there's the up side of exposing all those kids to knitting. One of my girls has already completed several scarves. She's currently working on a reversible scarf with two colors. I'm very proud. Especially, that she's learning to knit mostly without my help; due to the fact that I need to her to work when she's with me and not to knit. However, I do provide tons of support, helpful hints when she's stuck, and about a billion websites to check out for help when I'm not around. (All Praise Amy's Knittinghelp.com!) Though, I would love to get paid to teach college students to knit.

The result of my epiphany? An additional inch and half on the Weasley Sweater! Hey, I only discovered the yarn isn't a scratchy when I knit while talking two nights ago. So all in all, I have 10.5 inches done on the front AND the back. That's got to be like one third of the way done. Plus, I still have:

to finish this project.

WIPs and Fos:
WIP: You guessed it! The beginnings of a pomatomus sock in my gifted yarn. I reduced the total number of stitches needed due to the yarn gauge being slightly larger than the pattern required (found at Knitty). So far so good. Everything is working out beautifully. Eleven more rows in the pattern and I begin the heel. Updates to follow.

FO: I finished these baby booties a while back, but needed to find the right buttons. I gave up trying to find cute boy buttons without traveling to foreign countries or spending an arm and a leg. Instead, I just bought cutesy girl buttons at my local X-Mart and had at it.

Pattern: The booties are from Zoe Mellor's book I got for Christmas*. This is her generic pattern, with buttons added for flare. (Anytime I talk about added flare I think about Jennifer Aniston's character in Office Space and "What you can do with your flare!" [Insert rude finger gesture.] It's very distracting.)

Yarn: No-label 100% acrylic yarn bought a long time ago at Wal-mart.

Needles: size 2 aluminum of unknown origin passed down from my grandmother.

Addendum's: None, I knitted them by the pattern. Though, I did arrange a different set of buttons differently. Does that count?

*Note: I have several unfinished and/or solo booties started from this book.

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