February 23, 2007

Brought to you with the help of Captain Morgans!

I am still diligently working away on pomatomus sock number uno. But already I think I have found a cure for SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Prepare to be blown away...Wear sock number one while knitting sock number two. The sock on your foot will be so comfortable and lonely all at once, it will inspire you to complete number dos. I told you it it would blow your mind. Ockham's Razor strikes again. (Thank you Contact, I learned more from your about physics that my two semesters at UGA.)

That's it people. That's my brilliant thought for the day.

Following in the vein of enlightenment and/or shear brilliance I have set up (with my one example), I leave you with a puzzle. Where is the dog in the picture below?
HINT: use Ockham's razor.

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