February 13, 2007

The Paparazzi

What's this you say? Could it possibly be the beginnings of a sock? But what will the dishcloths think?

Don't worry friends, it's only a ploy to use my fish stitch markers and practice heels prior to receiving the real deal. I'm not really thrilled with this boring pattern though, hence the ankle high legging. I didn't feel like I needed to practice my 2x2 ribbing. I got that down thank you!

I like Cookie's patterns Hedera and Pomatomus published on Knitty.com. You can see tons of example of Pomatomus over at Li's site. She is a self declared Pomatomus-aholic. I really like the way it looks with variegated yarn. I feel that it's one of the few patterns which actually shows off the pattern as well as the prettiness of the yarn. Is that a word? Prettiness? It is now.

So far it's been a blast. This is actually the result of a couple hours of knitting (remember, I've never knitted socks before and I'm a slow knitter), but I'm having a blast trying something new. It's like I've discovered knitting all over again. Now, I understand why all those other knitter crank out tons of socks like no other pattern ever existed. Sock knitting is extremely satisfying-its quick-and interesting-it has shaping!

Yes, I have succumbed to the crack-like addiction that is sock knitting.

Poor PoPo. Her publicity stunts just aren't what she thought they'd be.

Next time I see my agent she's fired!

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