January 21, 2007

The Road Markers of Life

When faced with the possibility of knitting something endlessly boring like, say round and rounds of the Weasley Sweater, I find distracting myself with knitting paraphernalia helps. Like this ubercute stitch markers I made.

(not pictured are the 4 currently in use)

They cost about three whole dollars for the right equipment, 99 cents for a package of beads (on left; $1.99 for the set of 4 tea grouping) and $1.99 for the charm making kit. That is assuming you own a pair of needle nose pliers. If you don't have any plier, they only cost anywhere from $5 to $45. Mine where from my father. Considering that you get at least ten stitch markers, I'd call it a bargin.

At first I was worried that the design of the beads would snag on the yarn, but my experience with them on this blankey says otherwise. They didn't catch or pick at all.


Abigail said...

Aren't stitch markers fun to make?
I have such a blast with mine, (although I use slightly more expensive beads and findings, but I'm a snob sometimes :p)

I love the tea set, where did you find it?

Jen said...

I'm glad you liked them! My mother uses the most expensive beads with her lanyards, but so far I can't see a reason to spend as much. Therefore, all the beads are found at the local Wal-Marts. Happy stitch marker making!