January 26, 2007

Props to me

Last night I made progress on frogging the Weasley Sweater. The first rip was heartwrenching, but the huge chunk in the middle was ultimately satisfying as I "gaining" yarn. In fact, it was pretty fun walking across house unraveling while trying to keep the Nigel from clawing the strand out of the air with my hands above my head. I was glad to be ripping that sucker out, Until the last few rows when I began to feel sad all those hours of hard work with that harsh yarn was gone. Forever gone as extinct as the dinosaur with the only evidence remaining are the few pictures on this blog.

This yarn is so unforgiving on the hands. Yucky, highland yarn. I don't care if you are from Scotland and are the authentic item, you hurt. Just be thankful that the Hubby promised to wear you at least once (to the movie opening) and I love him enough to knit with you. But hear me now you rough, twiggy yarn I will never knit with you again. I very much disliked hand winding you into a center pull ball.

Somewhere along the rewinding process I think I felted to ends together. Because look how the second ball (center) is twice as big as the original (right) and the first hand wound ball (right). I felt really that my prior knitting self was really smart. Looky, here my previous knitting skilz were da bomb, yo! Watch out.

I also re-started on the Weasley Sweater for the Hubby with 167 days left until movie number 5 (according to my timer from Mugglenet.com) . However, two inches of a sweater is really boring to look at in a picture. Instead, I will wow you all with some serious ramen noodle yarn still needing to be re-wound. (You'll have to forgive the bad setting, because really where does one hang a whole skein of yarn in need of winding that is out of the way of the cats?)

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