December 6, 2006

Smokin' the Crack Pipe of Realization

Recently, I have realized that I don't tend to follow through 100%. This may be to my new job as data entry girl for the college, or not. When I began to think back on it, it noted it prolly started once I got past about two years of college. Without knowing it, I gave up that "whole ten yards" ideology, and instead adopted an "8 yards is enough" ideology. To say none the less, it didn't help in statistics much....

So the last time I posted I realized that I spelled "acrylic" wrong on all the labels for previous posts. I spelled it a-c-r-y-c-l-i-c. Doh! In no way conceivable will I be going back through all 143 previous posts to change it. Sorry! I'm an idiot and there's no reason why I should hide it from you all.

Also, I realized the irony of the post before last. Stating that my family tries to keep Christmas about more than just presents, and then I proceded to discuss only presents! Oh just beat me with the irony mallet!

It's last two yards that always get me....

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