December 8, 2006

Knitting my way to hapiness

For a while now, I've said to myself that I felt like I was living in the wrong century. I often comment to others that I would enjoy being a farmer. I enjoy the process of making and the rewards of ending up with something useful. I like being reliable upon myself and therefore capable of only disappointing myself and not bringing disaster to others. I've grown in such a different direction since I was the captain of my high school swim team. I've undertaken a new leadership role. Not the Captain, or the President or, even the Vice President, but rather a supportive and hard working team member. Some would say that being a team member is not the same as being the team leader. Those people grow up to be Senators. I've grown up to be happy and the Leader of my life.

In college, I thought happiness would be planning my life out according to what I thought would bring me the most happiness and then following through on that plan. I worked hard to achieve it. I was President of the Poultry Science Club. It led the way to happiness.

And sometimes it does not.

It took me living up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere Georgia to figure it out. (And Lord bless his heart, a very patient and supportive husband.) It took me several jobs and unemployment. It took financial strain and depression. It took two years. Money makes things easy, but it doesn't make things happy. And believe it or not, sometimes the easiest things to do aren't the ones that makes you happy.

Isn't it funny how reading the very same thing you already know helps you realize it? Life lessons often hit me that way. Sometimes, I get them from obvious places like-the Bible. Sometimes they come from less obvious places like-Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess.

I had started this post as a head nod to other knit bloggers for the inspiration they provide. Such as

Isn't it funny how reading multiple posts by other bloggers on their knitting and seeing their progress inspires you to knit the like? I recently read all of Eunny's back logs and thought to myself. I could knit like that. HA! The same goes for keeping up to date with Gumperina's sock progress. Therefore with the Border's gift card I received I just ordered from Borders/Amazon. Victorian Lace Today, recommended by Gumperina herself, and Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. This New Year I vow to try knitting lace and socks.

Now, after reading something as simple as a fictional novel, something catergorized into something as silly as 'Chic Lit', I understand what I was really trying to say: I will try new things that make me happy. Not just as hobbies, but a point of living. My family and myself come first, because they make me much more happy than making money ever would.

It’s okay to make myself happy.

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