December 11, 2006

Lemonheads: Part Duo

It seems that the lemon hat I knit at work prior to knitting the eggplant hat went over smashing with my college students. (The original work sits on my monitor at work.) I actually had a request for one. So being the obliging knitter I am, I cast on for an adult sized lemonhead hat. Then, I set it aside for more interesting, i.e. less acrylic, projects. Therefore, the lemonhead hat was cast by the wayside for a few days, errr...about a week or two....Then last night (at work with my students) I was hit with an update on the lemonhead hat. I was so shocked he was still interested in his hat that I made the promise very knitter makes and I set a dead line.

"You'll have your hat before the end of the semester," I told him. Oopsie! The semester ends on Friday and he's actually leaving Thursday. I better get cracking.

This my friends is the cast aside beginnings of a lemonhead hat.
I can tell you're thrilled.

That's when another student piped up he wanted an "onion hat." I didn't make any promises for that. Because really I see something similar to this in off-white, with a green stem out the top. And I might just die laughing while I make it.

"What," might you ask, "is better than acrylic fruit shaped hats?" I'll tell you. It's using up stash yarn for meaningless, but very quick projects designed from your own head. I'm using the 2 pink and 2 multicolored bamboo skeins with the perfectly matching pink glass buttons to make some sort of baby top. I have several ideas inspired from other sources. Such as:

1. A sleeveless shell with overlapping shoulders. That way the baby's head can fit through easily, but will still be shirt looking. I plan adding picot edging around the armholes to tack the two overlapping shoulders together.

2. A raglan-type sweater that buttons up one or both side. (Okay so this idea is really Gumperina's.)

3. A boring cardigan.

I'm not really worried about who this gift is for, but rather the design process. When I bought the bamboo yarn, I thought that it'd be great for Georgia's scorching summer days and chilly fall nights. I still think that, which is why I'm not really picky about sleeves versus no sleeves in this design. Though, knitting with the slippery stuff is not exactly thrilling. I used my Vogue Stitchionary to pick a stitch that would look good on the yarn and that I hadn't tried yet. Here's a quick preview:

Shhh...none of you can see the glaring error in this knit that I am unwilling to fix.

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