November 13, 2006

Slow progress

Cathode has progressed as far as having two arms and the CC neck line added. It knits up really fast and I'm loving that about it. The problem with it is that I keep getting distracted by other things, like the local library and the internet.

My local library out here in the sticks is tiny. They don't have any books other than large print history and gardening. I read fantasy novels, ergo a slight problem with choice. However, I am currently making brilliant use of the interlibrary loan system. I just hop online sign into my library's web catalog and put the books I want on hold. When the books come in the library staff calls me and presto! I can walk right up to the check desk and get my books in five minutes. It's great. I am currently reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series By Laurell K. Hamilton.

The other issue is spending time with my husband. One of the college students I work with sent me a link to watch TV shows online. The husband and I have been busy watching too much anime. I'm not a big anime fan, but it's something the Hubby and I can do together that does not involve video games.

Therefore, I am just going to leave you with pictures of Maya as a baby kitten to distract you from the complete lack of a point to this post.

Bottle feeding my orphan kitty.

Her eyes just opening for the first time.
(Kid you not the first thing this cat saw was a flash.)

Maya at 3 weeks with her Granddaddy.

Maya at 6 months.

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