November 9, 2006

Quick and dirty

It would figure that the night I spent writing my last entry and calling to check on the status of my order my knitpicks yarn was the same night my yarn came in...Wouldn't ya know?

Enough of that. Let me show you a shot of my progress on Cathode.

I am almost finished with the body and about to start work on the sleeves. I believe, should yarn allow, that I will make the sleeves 3/4 length rather than short sleeves. I plan on knitting the bottom 1/2 of the sleeves in the same edging as the body half of the body. At 80% Baby alpaca 20% cashmere, I just want to curl up in mound of yarn and sleep forever. It is so yummy I could eat it.
Speaking of which the ambrosia yarn works up to a perfect gauge on the recommended size five needles! WooHoo!
However is anyone noticing an inconsistency in the dye job? I may be imagining it, so that it's not the most perfect yarn ever. Cause right now it's the yarn of my dreams. (*Drooling*)

Now I am off to hunt up my 29" size 5 circulars. I know I was using them on another project recently....

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