November 25, 2006

Free Pattern!

I will make up my long absence to you all with a free pattern. I promised this pattern a while back and even wrote it up in my handy dandy knitting notebook, but never got around to typing it up until this morning.

The Cloud Vest has been produced!! Just click on the picture below and a full sized pattern should open up. If nothing else right click and save. A full sized pattern should open in paint. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't allow .pdfs to upload.

Please forgive me for any pattern oopsies. It is my first pattern and I just kinda winged it as I went along. Also, I have taken my cue from EZ and written the directions rather chattily. I can say That this garment has been approved by the most picky of sweater wearing men and has even been given a special drawer to itself in his computer desk. I'd say it's pretty much safe for the male populous. If you have any questions please feel free to email me using the link at the bottom of the side bar.


Ruth said...

Dear Jennifer,

I am embarking on a vest for my brother. But though it's a size 40", my brother's a size 39"

would like to ask the finished dimensions of the vest because when I tried to calculate, it appears that the finished garment from your pattern is only 37.7" (it seems)

Should I continue using your pattern or try to do some maths and calculate?

It's my first time knitting a garment to wear (So far, have only done scarves)

My email is

barbbfly said...

hello -i am a new knitter and love this vest -its like one i wear a lot but is getting worn (from a thrift store, heh) -i cannot read such small print so i hope you can help me . thx for sharing God bless you. woul;d you email me it bigger lol i am 58 yr and not to good with zoom and pc's . -oh i really zippers in a vest! yay