November 27, 2006

The F.O. Parade!

It's kinda like the Macy's day parade, but with smaller, less grand items that don't do any actual parading per se.

First up we have cathode, which I will wear to work today. It's wonderfully delicious to wear and oh-so-warm. It fits just how perfectly, which is saying something, because I've never actually completed anything with sleeves. Remember Celia or Sunbeam? Lets, just say sleeves have never been my strong point. My only complaint is that I wasn't able to figure out a double rib tubular bind off, so I used a regular basic knit BO, alternating with basic purl BO. (If Amy would put up a video on the double tubular BO I'd be set. I tried figuring it out of my Reader's Digest and searching the web, but I just have to see it once as well. Unfortunately, I don't remember EZ having anything about it in the one book of hers I own. I don't think she sweated that much about bind offs.) The BO is a little on the inflexible side, which makes it difficult to get around the shoulders, but wonderful for staying put once you yank it down to your hips. Also, I lengthened the sleeves and all the ribbing. And there is a huge speck of blue boucle near my right hip that I still need to pull to the back.

Enough talking, let me present you with Cathode!!Yay! Hip Hip Horray! Woopie! (Throws confetti all around!)

Getting Cathode all wrapped up and woven in really started the band wagon on finishing up details on lots of little project just lying around. Such as the ends of Saxon Braid, which was to be a birthday present, but I never got around to weaving in those two little ends and mailing it. So, it'll be a Christmas present.

Who will the lucky recipient be?

Next up, we have yet another dish cloth. I have decided that this year will be the a dish cloth for every season. The purple and blue with a little bit of turquoise thrown in this variegated yarn, just screams to be a winter dishrag. And I am okay with that. Also pictured is some more pear jelly. The other ten jars wouldn't fit. Can you guess what I am giving all the coworkers for Christmas?

The dish cloth says, "I didn't help make the jelly, but I was there in spirit."

Lastly, I took two items off stitch holders and put them on waste yarn and in a drawer until I'm ready to pull them back out. One is a 100% acrylic booty to match the other pair from Katja and the other is a half finish dishrag from my spring colored yarn. I didn't have quite enough to make three full dishrags, so I'm making at least two with my winter mix and then I'll finish off the other of my unfinished rag with whatever is left over from this skein. After all it's a rag, so it doesn't have to be pretty.

That concludes our parade folks! Happy knitting and don't forget to order yourself some yarn for Christmas.

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Leslie said...

You so better wear Cathode to our party!! I love it.