October 16, 2006

A weekend of FO's

You may have noticed that Cloud has been taken off the WIP list. That's right, this weekend I managed to exchange the wrong length zipper for a closer size and sew it into the vest. The hubby was very excited. He might have stood by the sewing machine shifting while it was being sewed shifting from one foot to another at some point. He may have also shouted "It's that sound normal?" when the machine snagged a few times. Needless to say he is very excited about it being finished. It has a special place in one of his desk drawers that I threatened to fill up if he didn't find things to fill them up with. What you wanna see proof that I actually did this? I got your proof.

Thankfully, the zipper was easily exchanged at Joann's while I visited my mother for a scrapbooking extravaganza. Of course I had to peruse other items for purchase while I was there. I found some blue fabric on sale for $4/yd to make one curtain with. It's wonderfully silky to the touch and has a scalloped edge which will be handy. It's prolly 100% rayon or some such artificial thread, but was so cheap and requires so little sewing I couldn't resist.

Then on my way to the cutting board I passed hippos. I mean to say, smiling hippos on flannel fabric. They would have been perfect for a pair of pajama pants for myself, but we are on a budget, so I only bought one yard. (And don't think that I didn't try to convince myself that I might be able to get a pair of pajama capris out of one yard.) Instead, I sewed up the edges and made yet another item for Nick, which is the name I have given to my Non-Existent-Child. This was not measured or squared off, it was just eyeballed. However, being fabulously cute and oh so snuggly soft, I don't think anyone will notice.

Additionally, I may have picked up some more extremely cheap cotton yarn for dishrags...I picked up a tropical variegated skein and a chilly blue and purple variegated skein. Even though, winter has hit the north Georgia mountains in force (finally) I felt the pull of the tropical skein to make a dishrag. I found some needles in the mother's sewing cabinet, trotted over to my trusty dishrag site and began knitting as soon as I got settled. I picked the pattern "wheatfeilds" and cast on 34 sts for over approximately 2.7 repeats. I have discovered that I prefer smaller dishrags, as larger ones don't fit in your hand completely sloshing dirty water about the kitchen. Yuck. Pictured also are size 5 needles (16") my mother gave me, which will be perfect for restarting Baby Tart.

Baby Tart has made an untimely demise that began with needles the wrong size and ended in a cat's mouth. This is the first yarn eating any cats have...well, eaten. I am hoping the trend will not continue. More on Baby Tart and weekend yarn p@rn tomorrow, right now the water heater has finished refilling and I can finally shower.

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Leslie said...

Love the blanket. Want the baby tart. will threaten life if I don't get a baby tart for my NEC. :) J/K

Love ya,